Spicy & Healthy Bloody Mary Cocktail

Spicy Bloody Mary

It is unclear as to the origin, and there are multiple conflicting claims of who really invented the Bloody Mary cocktail. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Mary_(cocktail)

All I know is that it’s actually super yummy and quite healthy, really.  And, it doesn’t hurt that it’s combined with a bit of Vodka!

This popular brunch drink filled with veggies and citric fruits is packed with nutrition. Since it’s based with tomato juice, it’s filled with antioxidants.  You can add anything from celery to carrots, lemons or limes, and even salsa.  That’s right, adding some spice is very common, such as Tabasco.  My suggestion is to also add some Two Hot Mamas Salsa Roja Hot to make it extra spicy.

See my latest recipe on the Recipe page and ENJOY!