Spicy & Healthy!

Spicy & Healthy! 


with Two Hot Mama’s Salsa Roja Hot

(1 Serving)


2 oz – Premium Vodka
1 – Lime (sliced in wedges)
1 – Pepperoncini Pepper
4 oz – Tomato Juice
2 dashes – Tabasco Sauce
1 pinch – Celery Salt
1 – Celery Stalk
1 – Green Olive
1 pinch – Ground Black Pepper
1 pinch – Spanish Smoked Paprika
1 oz – Two Hot Mama’s Salsa Roja Hot


  1. Pour the Celery Salt onto a small plate;
  2. Rub one of the lime wedges around the lip of a pint glass;
  3. Roll the outer edge of the pint glass in the celery salt until fully coated;
  4. Fill the pint glass with ice and set aside;
  5. Squeeze and place another lime wedge into a shaker;
  6. Add the Vodka, Tomato Juice, Tabasco Sauce, and Salsa Roja Hot to the shaker and fill with ice;
  7. Gently shake and strain into the pint glass;
  8. Skewer and garnish lime wedge, celery stalk, pepperoncini pepper, green olive and then top with ground black pepper and enjoy!


  • Depending on your heat level, you can add another ounce of Salsa Roja Hot .
  • You can also add lemons, carrots or any other vegetables to the glass.
  • For a more traditional recipe, add 2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce and 2 tsp Prepared Horseradish.