Mambo Combo

The flavor

Our most popular salsa is the perfect blend of the Salsa Roja and Salsa Verde, and we call it Mambo Combo. If you like the Salsa Roja and you like the Salsa Verde, you’ll love the Mambo Combo. It’s red and green salsa … the best of both worlds! Get spicy with a tantalizing blend of well-prepared yumminess arousing the most discerning connoisseur. See the complete list of ingredients.

The history

When Paula and I had some left over Roja and Verde, we thought, what the heck!  Let’s blend the two and make a red and green salsa. Wow! Who would have ever thought these two could get any better. Some connoisseurs of salsa call this type of salsa, the “Christmas Blend,” but we’ve been blending red and green salsa for many years.

red and green salsa

Available in medium or hot


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