You’ll love eating dinner with Two Hot Mamas

Two Hot Mamas has been seducing the taste buds of Central Texans since 2002. We always strive to use the freshest ingredients available and adhere to the absolute highest taste standards, which probably explains why we have won more awards in the world’s largest hot sauce festival than any other salsa company.

5 unique salsas & dips

Try our Creamy Cilantro Salsa Dip or Roasted Almond Chimichurri w/mint to spice up your enchiladas, or add it to mashed potatoes for a little something different. Our Mambo Combo is a blend of our Roja and Verde salsas, and it’s simply intoxicating on enchiladas. See our creative recipes and serving suggestions.


We don’t want to brag … well, yes we do: Two Hot Mamas has won more Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival awards than any other salsa company. And we didn’t even enter the competition between 2008 and 2013. Did we mention that we’re in the Hall of Flame?

Hall of Flame


Some of our recipes are inspired by our Central Texas roots from right here in Austin, and some are inspired by Argentina and our heritage from Coastal Mexico and Spain. Learn more about our company, our people, and how our heritage is reflected in each of our recipes.


Our labels don’t have a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce. We use simple, fresh ingredients, such as tomatoes, tomatillos, fresh onions, garlic, limes, cilantro and cumin (lots of cumin). And we always aim to buy from local growers. We take a lot of pride in the quality of ingredients in our award-winning salsas and dips, and we are equally proud of what we leave out of the recipe.

* No vinegars or preservatives of any kind
* Non-GMO
* Yeast-free
* Gluten-free
* No meat (strictly vegetarian)
* Low sodium


So, you think you’d like to invite Two Hot Mamas into your home? Several Central Texas retailers are spicing things up with Two Hot Mamas products. See the list of retailers and bring Two Hot Mamas home.

Check out this dish

We love sharing the heritage of the food and the flavors we grew up with. Explore some of these dishes from various Latin cultures. For each dish, we offers tips on how to find the freshest ingredients, instructions for preparation, and we even recommend the perfect complementary salsa or dip.

Salsa Conversion Chart for Non-Texans

Not from Texas? This handy chart will help you understand exactly what it means when we describe our salsas as Mild, Medium and Hot.


Texan: “That’s spicy … for babies.”

NON-Texan: “Oh baby, that’sspicy!

Texan: “I’ll have another helping.”

NON-Texan: “Please, somebodyhelp me!

Texan: “Not too hot yet.”

NON-Texan: “It’s making mesweat!

The real truth: Our salsas really aren’t that hot

Actually, our Mild is downright mild. The truth is that we don’t think it’s necessary to set your mouth on fire to prove that our salsa is great. We want you to truly savor all the delicate flavors and taste the salsa, not become frightened of it. Enjoy.

A little love from customers, food critics, and contest judges

Customers and food critics love us, and we’re always particularly tickled when we get praise from the judges of various salsa and hot sauce competitions. See some of the comments below.

Your Creamy Cilantro Salsa is absolutely ADDICTIVE! I love how fresh the cilantro tastes and the fact that it is smooth and creamy, but has quite a “kick”! It is always a favorite at our neighborhood parties.

Amy LasseterSalsa addict

On the Creamy Cilantro Dip: “We can’t tear ourselves away from it. A healthy dose of cilantro and serrano peppers infuses the sour-cream-based salsa with just the right kick. Eat it with tortilla chips. Drizzle it on celery or carrot sticks. Try it on poultry, pasta or seafood. The beauty of this spread is that it’s delectable with almost anything. Unlike many salsas, the dip’s heat will not burn a layer off your tongue. So if you’re looking for a unique salsa to dazzle your friends and wow your family, Creamy Cilantro is a sure bet.”

Laura KelsoFood writer, Austin Monthly Magazine

It is really nice to be able to get Two Hot Mamas Salsa, when deployed overseas. The salsa is amazing. When we have a party, people are always asking us if we have anymore, or where they can get some. Thank you for bringing the great taste of your salsa to the men and women of the U.S Military deployed overseas.

Charles BatesU.S. Navy

My family can’t live without creamy cilantro! Mambo combo is the best!

TuckerSome guy who loves salsa