Creamy Chimichurri w/mint

The flavor

Roasted Almond Chimichurri w/mint has hit the shelves and is off and running. Not typical of traditional Argentinian chimichurri, it’s a cream-based sauce with roasted almonds, serrano peppers, lime, a hint of mint and more. From grilled lamb chops to shrimp tacos … and did anyone say salad dressing? This one is modern twist on an old recipe. She is a lovable, mouthwatering beauty you can drizzle over any dish for instant sexiness. See the complete list of ingredients.

The history

Gen says: In 2005 I began catering privately. Since I have never been a huge fan of cocktail sauces, I decided to create my own version of a shrimp-cocktail presentation for a client. It got such great reviews, I thought I should do something with this creation. I took the recipe to my co-packer and we began the journey of perfection.

Available in medium