Self-Sufficient Living and Foodies are Sexy!

I think I’m getting “hooked”!  As I learn to catch my own fish, I’ve come to realize that it not only saves on the grocery budget  but it also tastes so damn good!  Self-sufficient living is sexy!  Self-sufficient foodies are sexier!

I’m not one to hold back on flavors while cooking and sometimes I splurge on calories (okay – more than sometimes).  Now … I will forever be hooked on catching and cooking my own fish!  I’m pretty sure that’s sexy!

I’ve had the privilege of spending a lot of time relaxing at the Texas Coast and learning how to fish.  While I’m quite sure I’ve got much more to learn about fishing (no laughing at my pic), I can’t help but think how self-sufficient one could become?  Could this be my New Year’s Resolution?

I love that the fish I serve my family is truly organic, and the fact that I actually caught it (or someone on the boat I had to bribe), makes me feel so good!  I’ve never been around hunting or fishing (being a city girl and all), but I do have fond memories of gardening with my Grandparents and self-sufficient ways of cooking.  Kudos to those self-sufficient chefs out there!  We would also take trips to local farms to select our eggs.  At the time, I didn’t realize my Grandparents were not only frugal, but cared about eating natural foods.  And what fun it was as a young child to experience this!  Talk about fresh and organic!

Somehow, I’ve never let go of the natural ways of cooking and it shows in all of our products.  We are so proud of that and we continue to strive to source natural local ingredients.

Check out my “catch of the day” recipe of Grilled Speckled Trout Tacos with either Roasted Almond Chimichurri w/mint or Creamy Cilantro.  This recipe is so easy and you can choose any of our salsas or dips really … they all pair well and add some spice to this recipe!

Self-Sufficient Living and Foodies are sexy!


Father’s Day Grilling with One Hot Papa!

Red Fish

Simple and fresh!  We’re grilling up Flounder and Redfish topped with a creamy Blue Crab sauce and a side of cauliflower.  We paired this with a simple salad mixed in a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with fresh avocado slices. The Creamy Blue Crab Sauce recipe was shared with us by One Hot Papa!  And we, of course, gave this meal our own twist and added our Two Hot Mama’s Creamy Cilantro (hot).

You can make this Father’s Day meal in about 30 minutes!  Our ingredients start with fresh Flounder, Redfish and Blue Crab from the inland bays of Rockport, Texas so generously brought back to ATX for a fun afternoon of grilling and maybe a little vino.  It only took about 15 minutes to do all of the prep work for the sauce and salad, and total of 30 minutes to prepare the full meal.

You can spend a day out on the bay with a fishing guide or on your own.  Either way, catching, cleaning and grilling the fruits of your labor always tastes better!

Always respect the outdoors, wildlife, and environmental resources”.

Read more about this crazy good Creamy Blue Crab Sauce recipe on our recipe page and enjoy!

It’s always better eating with Two Hot Mamas!